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Deep Tissue Massage

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a form of soft tissue manipulation, shown to improve overall health and wellness by supporting the cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic, and immune systems. Whether you need to relax, improve sleep, soothe pain, or align posture, massage therapy can help! All MVP sessions can be customized to your unique needs. Please select the “book now” button to view our available services and to book your next session.

Couples Massage

Stretch Therapy

PNF Assisted Stretch Therapy helps to provide some of the quickest and longest lasting results, by lengthening the muscle, activating it, then relaxing deeply into the stretch using breath. This kind of work continues to benefit the body well after the session, because of the mind-body activation. This technique is great for increasing mobility, relieving pain, aligning posture, and supporting proprioception. This session can also be paired with Theragun Massage, and Trigger-Point to maximize results.

Couples Massage
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